Our Family

Meet the Family at The Common Place

Our family we call church is made up of every day people who unite because of God's love for us first, with the sole purpose of giving this love away to those who do not know it yet!

CONRAD AU (Community Developing Pastor)

Our Community Developing Pastor was raised in Coquitlam since he was 8 years old. Walton, Panorama, and Pinetree Way Elementary Schools, Hastings Junior Secondary (and now Maple Creek Middle), and Pinetree Secondary School were just part of growing up in Coquitlam for him. He dreamed for a career in broadcasting, but God had other ideas. He now strives to bring Christian love to those who do not yet know Jesus, while supporting himself through employment with the Government of Canada. Learn more about Conrad at www.conradau.ca.

Family and Friends

Scroll through our album below with family and friends of The Common Place!