Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ’s that may help you get to know The Common Place better!

What is The Common Place?
We are a Christian neighbourhood church that strives to love our neighbours! We gather people from all walks of life and share Christian neighbourly love, with the purpose of encouraging all to do the same to others. We strive to be about loving our community FIRST!

What are you trying to do?
We desire to see many faith community groups within doorsteps of residents in the high density urban area that is Coquitlam’s City Centre core. To do so, we are seeking to train up many community leaders to help spread Christian neighbourly love so all may have a chance to experience this True Love.

Who can get involved? Do I have to be a Christian?
If you live in the Tri-Cities and have a heart for loving your neighbours, we love for you to get involved and help us love neighbours so they may do the same to others!  You don’t have to share our faith beliefs if you want to volunteer to help!

No Strings Attached. Really?
Really. We don’t have an ulterior motive. God called us to love Him and love our neighbours, not for any personal gain.

But don’t you want people to become Christians and support you?
Of course we want everyone to hear and experience the love of Jesus Christ, the basis of the Christian faith! However, we don’t pursue that because we want you to support us – we just want you to experience the joy attached to the love – no strings attached! Whatever way you choose to respond to this love, we leave that to you!  We won’t be offended if you say “it’s not for me.”  We would be sad, but not offended and won’t stop trying to love you as our neighbour because of it.

I see you accept giving of donations. What do you do with the funds received?
All undesignated funds received from the public go directly back into expenses relating to loving Coquitlam’s City Centre core.  We also leave kind donors the choice to designate the funds they give for certain purposes should they wish, such as one-time gifts to cover specific needs connected to The Common Place and/or our team members.

Does anyone get paid?
No. Everyone connected to The Common Place is responsible for their own cost of living and contribute to The Common Place as volunteers.  We had, in the past, allocated some undesignated funds to cover living expenses of team members.  However, beginning in 2014, our entire team does not rely on undesignated funds received from the public.

I hear you are a ‘church plant.’ What is a church plant?
Planting is the act of growing new life from seed planting until the seeds grows into a full grown plant, where the fruits produce seeds for more plants. Church Planting is beginning a new faith community from infancy until it grows into one that’s capable of beginning more new faith communities!

Are you connected to any Christian denominations?
Yes we are! We are rooted in the Christian Gospel and connected locally in Southwestern British Columbia to the WestCoast Baptist Association and nationally in Canada with the Canadian National Baptist Convention.

We may have not covered all the questions you may have.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.  We’ll update this FAQ page as we receive more relevant questions!